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Become a Snohomish County Football Official!


Get trained and paid to be a football referee!


Have you ever thought of becoming a football official.  Join the SCFOA and become part of a team
of officials dedicated to providing excellence in football officiating in Snohomish County.

Click here to Join Online Today!

Still Need more information?  Check out our list of prospective member's most
Frequently Asked Questions

Previous experience is good but is not a requirement.  We provide a comprehensive training course
for new officials that's included in your registration fee.

"The rules are just ink on paper.  Without us, they are easily bent and broken.  We relish the challenge
of using them to craft a game fairly played."



What does it mean to be a member of SCFOA?

  • To experience great camaraderie with other officials

  • To learn football at a deeper level

  • To be positive role models to the community

  • To office sanctioned football games at all age levels

  • To recruit and train apprentice officials

  • To promote goodwill

  • To promote standards for outstanding achievement and recognition of the Code of Ethics for officiating football games.



How do I join?

Click here to Join Online Today!  During July and August, you may also come directly to one of our apprentice meetings (listed below) and bring cash, check or money order for $65 to cover the cost of registration, rulebook and training.

The basic uniform starter package for an official from Honing will cost approximately $150.  This package includes the striped shirt, white knickers, socks, belt, flag, bean bag, lanyard, whistle and down indicator.  Shoes are optional along with black stripe pants.  We have some donated gear available if you cannot afford a complete uniform right away.  North Sound Junior Football League  has also setup a fund to help new officials with the extra costs.  Please contact us for more information.

Contact us for more information at:


SCFOA Meeting Schedule:

  • To find out may want to attend one of the upcoming SCFOA meetings.  Click here to view the entire SCFOA meeting schedule

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