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The NSJFL is a USA Football ceritfied Heads Up Youth Football League.

Welcome to the North Sound Junior Football League

We are a "High School Feeder" model boundary based youth football league in which our member organizations are committed to providing an opportunity for every youth participant, ages 5-14 to learn the game of football; while focusing on maximum community participation and working closely with their local high school football programs. Boundaries are based off school district boundaries of each High School.


The NSJFL is an age based league which studies have found to be the best approach vs Age & weight based leagues. 

Some weight based leagues may say their approach increases safety for all players, but studies have found that to be untrue!

Saddler sports: Should Weight Limits Be Required in Youth Football?

"My son plays football. I think it's the greatest proving ground for young men that there is. Period. I think it's the ultimate team sport. There are so many life lessons that are taught. And I think that the positives far outweigh the risks and the negatives. I have strong feelings about the sport of football. ... It's the greatest team sport and the greatest proving ground for young men in our society today."

- Jeff Choate, Head Coach -

Montana St University


( 11 - 0 )


( 11-0 )


( 11 - 0 )


( 8 - 2 )


( 9 - 1 )

League Meetings

NSJFL league meetings are held the 1st sunday of every month unless other wise specified.

Time & Location: TBA on monthly basis


Important Dates

  • NSJFL Coaches Meeting : Aug 2nd

    • Location -Glacier Peak HS

      • 6:30-730pm

  • Start non-padded practice: Aug 3rd

  • Start padded practice: August 5th

  • Jamboree: Aug 22-23

    • Location - Snohomish HS

  • 1st Week: Aug 29th

  • 2nd Week: Sept 12th

  • 3rd Week: Sept 19th

  • 4th Week: Sept 26th

  • 5th Week: Oct 3rd

  • 6th Week: (Re-Calibration): Oct 10th

  • 7th Week: (Re-Calibration): Oct 17th

  • 8th Week: (Re-Calibration): Oct 24th

  • Play-Off Round 1 / Bowl games: Oct 31st

  • Semi Finals: Nov 7th

  • NSJFL Championships: Nov 14th

    • Location - Stanwood High School

  • *NSJFL ALL-Star Game: Nov 21st

    • Location: TBA

*= Not confirmed!